About Us

The medical laboratory “SciMedEditing” has been represented in the market of medical services as a multidisciplinary clinical diagnostic laboratory since 1998. At present, the laboratory includes a central office with the laboratory itself and the central collection point for biomaterial, as well as collection points in various districts of Melbourne. In addition, biomaterial collection points are open in other Australian cities.

The medical laboratory “SciMedEditing” has a license for medical practice, a certificate of certification for the right to conduct laboratory research, a certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 for medical laboratory research, which indicates the high quality of tests performed, modern technical equipment and highly qualified medical personnel.

Medical laboratory “SciMedEditing” offers a wide range of laboratory research in the following areas:

  • Clinical (urine, feces, semen, urogenital secretions)
  • Hematologic (on an automatic analyzer)
  • Biochemical (on an automatic analyzer)
  • Molecular genetic (PCR method)
  • Allergological (enzyme immunoassay method)
  • Hormonal panel (immunochemiluminescent method)
  • Oncology panel (immunochemiluminescent method)
  • Diabetes markers (immunochemiluminescent method)
  • Osteoporosis markers (immunochemiluminescent method)
  • Cardiac markers (immunochemiluminescent method)
  • Diagnosis of infections (immunochemiluminescent method, ELISA, PCR method)
  • Helminthic invasions (ELISA method)
  • Prenatal screening (immunochemiluminescent method)

For blood sampling, we use only disposable vacuum systems, which exclude infection in both the patient and the medical personnel of the laboratory.