The medical laboratory “SciMedEditing” successfully cooperates with many corporate clients of medical profile, as well as private practice doctors.
Our partners are both public medical institutions, and private medical centers, cosmetic clinics, insurance companies and other representatives of the medical segment of the market.

Cooperation with us is the key to high-quality laboratory diagnostics, and as a result – a successful business.

Laboratory SciMedEditing offers a wide range of research in all major areas of laboratory diagnostics, and the result of the analysis can be obtained in the optimum time in a convenient way for you (e-mail, fax, mail, courier delivery).

Advantages of cooperation with SciMedEditing:

  • high quality of research;
  • the shortest time to complete the research;
  • convenient schedule;
  • flexible system of main and additional discounts;
  • delivery of samples to the laboratory and results to the client;
  • provision of consumables;
  • continuous communication with the client;
  • reliable partner support.

In its work, the medical laboratory “SciMedEditing” uses the LIS system software (laboratory information system), which allows to optimize the workflow.

To automate the pre- and postanalytical stages of research, we offer corporate clients the organization of a communication channel with the information system of the laboratory, which will allow:

  • improve quality by reducing the time from the moment samples
  • arrive in the laboratory until results are verified;
  • minimizing the time for the client to receive research results;
  • eliminate errors at the stage of information transfer, cases of losses and distortions;
  • have an archive of orders and results;
  • generate economic, medical and statistical reporting;
  • manage the process effectively and ensure security and privacy.