If you:

  • plan to organize your own business
  • in search of a new direction of development
  • want to get a ready, streamlined and reliable business model
  • don’t want to go “trial and error”

The franchise offer of the SciMedEditing laboratory was created especially for you!

Franchising is the rental of a trademark.

The use of a franchise is governed by a contract between the franchisor (the one who provides the franchise) and the franchisee (the one who receives it).

The franchisee is not burdened with difficulties associated with a number of expenses – training and personnel selection, quality control, etc. In addition, large financial investments are not required to advertise a well-known brand.

The franchisor, providing partners with its business system, transmits not only a streamlined mechanism, but also a “guideline” for its effective use.

Currently, SciMedEditing is the undisputed leader and reliable supplier of quality services in the field of laboratory diagnostics. SciMedEditing uses the most modern methods, equipment and technology. Experts of the company “MedLab” among the components of success noted, first of all, the impeccable reputation of the brand.

The extensive experience of the SciMedEditing laboratory and the unique concept of building a business allow you to work effectively in any competition level and in any region. Also important are the proven performance of SciMedEditing and the high profitability of the company.

Thus, the purchase of our franchise will be a great start for your business!

For more information on the franchise program, please call: +61 3 9549 6555